A Busy Weekend at Goodwood 81st Members Meeting for Robert and Emily!

Last weekend was a very busy one for Robert and Emily, with Robert racing the Heritage Honda CR-S 750 at the 81st Goodwood Members Meeting!
There are two bike races over the weekend at the MM with a real mixture of TZs in the Hailwood Trophy and 750s in the Sheene Trophy which makes for some very interesting and exciting racing.
With Robert having a busy past few months getting the CR-S prepped and ready, he headed straight out in qualifying on Saturday morning, having had no chance to test the bike before the meeting due to time constraints, and was immediately on pace, spending most of the session in 2nd place before the bike went on to 3 cylinders during the last lap and another TZ pushed him back to 3rd overall in qualifying, putting him on the front row of the grid for the first race and making him the quickest 750 in qualifying.
The only way to find out why the bike had gone on to 3 cylinders was to strip down the engine, with Robert finding that number 3 piston had cracked and broke the ring land, depositing a lot of aluminium on the barrel and head. A replacement piston was needed, so the owner of the bike, Drew headed off to pick up some spare pistons whilst Robert got the barrels cleaned up. Unfortunately, this did mean that, with time ticking away, there would be no chance to get out for the first race that afternoon. However, after a very busy day, a late night and a lot of hard work, with approx 8 hours on the tools, and just 11 hours after pulling in from qualifying, the CR-S was back together and running by around 11pm.
Starting 27th on the grid in Sunday's race due to missing the race on Saturday, Robert got a decent start and was up into 10th place by the end of the first lap, and he was getting quicker and more comfortable with each lap whilst gradually working his way through the bikes in front before the race was red flagged and the result was declared after 4 laps, finishing in 7th overall and 4th in the Sheene Trophy for the 750 class, and with both Robert and the bike having so much more to give!
We are incredibly proud of Robert, getting the CR-S running and back out in the second race, getting a great result from the back of the grid and showing just how determined and hardworking he is, and also just how fast and strong he is out on track!