PDQ have been dyno testing and tuning bikes for over 25 years and were one of the first Dynojet motorcycle dyno centres in the UK. We are an authorised Dynojet Power Commander Tuning Centre and also a Yoshimura Performance Centre. Our dyno room is fully air conditioned for accurate and consistent results.

We can also offer:

  • Great customer service and experienced, knowledgeable staff
  • Motorcycle MOTs on site
  • Routine servicing, crash repairs, tyres, race preparation and upgrades in our professional workshop
  • Fault diagnosis and repair, also help sourcing hard-to-find parts for older models
  • Suspension servicing and upgrades, from a personalised ‘set up’ session to totally re-valving your stock forks/shock to suit your weight and type of riding
  • Specials building and ‘one off’ modifications
  • Carb cleaning service
  • Injector testing and cleaning (using our in house ASNU system)
  • Race and Track Preparation and Upgrades
  • HPK, OEM and Racing brake components from Brembo
  • Super fast mail order service for performance accessories
  • A great range of OEM and Performance accessories for a huge range of motorcycles
  • Stripping out / powder coating services for frames and wheels
  • Collection and delivery of your bike may also be available within the local area (£POA)
  • Courtesy vehicles available for customers having major jobs carried out. (subject to availability – please enquire when you make your booking)

Alongside our Dynojet 250 Motorcycle Dyno we have a full size automotive inertia dyno and also a special bike engined car dyno (equipped with a custom made load control unit similar to the unit used on the motorcycle dyno). All dynos have fast & accurate air/fuel ratio testing hardware that works in conjunction with the WinPEP software to give the operators a real time read out on the screen and also enables an air/fuel graph to be produced along with the usual power/torque/RPM readings.

The Dynojet Load Control software provides us with the ability to control vehicle RPM or speed at any throttle position, thereby enabling our operator to optimise fuelling throughout the entire rev range. So whether you are tuning for road use, track days or racing, we will be happy to discuss your needs.

As well as regular performance tuning work with Dynojet Kits, Power Commanders and intake systems the Dynamometer allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose a wide range of running problems, by simulating road or track testing inside the dyno room.


This means we can optimise the fuel and/or ignition mapping for your engine with a custom mapping session. Maps are specifically built to suit your exact vehicle specification for the best in performance and economy. And with the Bike, Car and BEC Dyno on site, we can cater for a large range of vehicles.

Bike engined cars, Legends, Westfields, etc.

The BEC dyno is suitable for various small cars with motorcycle engines (Bike Engined Cars) using carburettors or fuel injection. Having a built in load control module on the BEC dyno enables us to hold the vehicle at specific RPM’s and throttle openings while simulating ‘on the road’ conditions. This piece of equipment is vital for custom fuel injection mapping and diagnosing part throttle problems.

PDQ also stock various tuning parts suitable for bike engined cars including a wide range of K&N filters, Dynojet Power Commanders (for fuel injection adjustment), Jet Kits for carburettor engines and Barnett Racing Clutches.

Our Dyno Technician has many years experience tuning motorcycles, cars and bike engined cars.

Please feel free to call us on 01753 730043 for more information on our wide range of services. We have decades of experience and a clean, well equipped, purpose built tuning & testing centre.