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PDQ are the main UK importer for Valter Moto Components from Italy, a specialist company offering an extensive range of professional racing accessories for motorcycles and race teams. The range includes rear sets, jack-up plates, exhaust hangers, paddock stands, pit lane carriers, racing filler caps, seats, frame sliders and a variety of other racing accessories, as used by riders of the top National and World Championships teams. Please visit Valter Motostore for a full listing of all their products.


Rearsets are the best way of tailoring your bike to fit you perfectly, by raising, lowering or moving the pegs backward or forward. Most have mounting plates with several positions for the footpegs to bolt on to, so every length of leg can be catered for. Available for most modern sports bikes, from the basic, non adjustable ‘Type 1’ rearset (for the racer on a budget) up to the fully adjustable ‘Type 3.5’ style with folding pegs, toe spigots and titanium heel guards. They include mounting plates so differing leg lengths are supported. We have a selection of Valter Moto rearsets as well as spare parts you can find these here:

·         Valter Moto rearsets – available for a range of different models and options including passenger kits

·         Valter Moto spare parts – includes foot pegs, front pegs, uniballs, shift rods and gear levers


If you are looking for Valter Moto accessories in the UK, then you have come to the right place. Some of the motorcycle performance parts that we stock from the Valter Moto include:

·         Paddock stands – giving your motorcycle the support it needs

·         Oil filler caps – a range of coloured oil filler caps are available

·         Fork adjusters – which come in a range of colours 

·         Fuel caps – quick release options are available

·         Brake Saferods – front brake lever protectors available in a range of colours

·         Clutch Saferods – front clutch lever protectors available in a range of colours

·         Flip clutches – which can come with lever and perch assembly

·         Flip brakes – which are available for a range of models

·         Exhaust Hanger Brackets – replaces passenger footrest hanger

·         Foot rest jack-up plates – allow adjustment on stock footrest hangers

·         Engine Protectors - designed to fit in original engine cover crankcase

·         Fluid reservoirs and Caps - perfect replacement to the OEM reservoirs and caps

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