DYNOJET POWER VISION 3 HONDA CB300F 2015-2018 / CB300R 2019-2021 / CBR300R 2015-2020

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Dynojet's latest Power Vision is the 3rd incarnation of the worlds most powerful flash tuning system. Designed to cover more models than ever before, you can now unlock the potential hidden in your ECM. The Power Vision from Dynojet has more pre-configured tunes, extensive calibration access for custom tuning, industry exclusive features, and world class support. For ease of use, all supported models can be flashed via the diagnostic port and many are able to be read in the same manner. - Flash ECU via vehicle diagnostic connector (No need to open or remove ECU from vehicle) - Read original tune via diagnostic connector, or virtual read with server download - Display and / or log vehicle data channels in real-time - "Hindsight" feature captures last 2 minutes of data with the touch of a button - Weather resistant for use in all conditions - Vivid colour display with high contrast ratio (view-able in direct sunlight) Performance tune features: - Support for popular aftermarket performance parts - Fuelling revised for maximum power and torque - Spark timing optimised for pump or race fuel - Rev and speed limits control - Torque limiting functions reduced or eliminated - Revised drive-by-wire throttle profiles ......And much more